About Me

Indulge in the best of nature – simply, naturally and with pleasure. IZISTEP cosmetics are based not only on scientific knowledge but also on my own experiments with natural ingredients. And I follow my head and my heart.


You can recognize me as a real passionate person about everything, what is natural. Besides making natural cosmetic IZISTEP, I try to live naturally in a funny way with lots of heart beat 🙂

Living in a more natural and responsible way gives me a sparkling energy, creativity and a big sense of everything, what I was, I am and I still will be. I love a curiosity and neverending learning. At the same time, I try to live my own values – walking as talking. The last but not less important is the fact, that I respect honesty which always create or boost a real positive energy in a supportive way.

My IZISTEP journey

I founded IZISTEP in my native Slovenia. When I moved to the Czech Republic in 2018, I brought it with me.

It was quite a challange for me to start a new life in a completely unknown country. Gradually I started to learn Czech and build personal relationships with my customers. The IZISTEP shop in Zlín is now my second home where I will be happy to host you with a cup of tea. At the same time, it is a fragrant alchemical workshop where I manually prepare oils, creams and soaps from the finest natural ingredients.

What is IZISTEP?

  • Creativity. I put my energy, love and care into all products.
  • Consideration. To nature, to one’s own health and to others.
  • Authenticity. For me, honest relationships without pretense are important to me.
  • Simplicity. I believe more is often less.
  • Naturalness. I consider natural products to be the best we can indulge in the skin.
  • Thrifty. I keep my products in recyclable and reusable packaging.
  • Freshness. All products are produced in small batches to get you as fresh as possible.

Stop by for tea and choose something in the shop for yourself and your loved ones. I also invite you to workshops focused on home-made natural cosmetics and natural lifestyle.
Are you far from Zlín? Then I like to meet you on my blog or Facebook.
I look forward to you and wish you a lot of love and joy.

Simona Pekolj

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