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Beauty of henna for any hair

Apr 27, 2019 | Articles

Henna is one of the world’s oldest natural dyes with typical red orange pigment (lawsone). It’s been used to dye hair, fingertips or soles. Always with a reason to preserve health and beauty or to use it as a symbol of good luck and prosperity.

My first experience with henna

I’ve been using henna for many years now. My first experience with henna happened when I was a teenager. I was watching my mother how she was mixing henna with water to dye her hair. I asked her to prepare it also for me, and she did. I was really satisfied with the final result – super fine red orange hair stain!

I rememeber I felt so good having shiny and reddish hair. I admired the most the reddish color of my hair and felt so important to have such hair color 😊.

Problems with hair and scalp

A part of every growing is an experimenting phase. In this manner I later tried many different chemical hair dyes. The years were passing and I slowly recognized that my hair treated with chemical dyes had been eventually changed. Not only losing the shine, but also getting thinner and dull hair. My scalp was itching all the time. What made me even more unhappy.

Therefore, I tried to solve my hair problems with other chemical preparations I bought in shop, but with no real success. Actually, I was caught in a vicious circle, I became addicted to many chemical preparations, and without any progress.

I was quite desparated, so I started to try some natural solutions that would help me. Washing my hair with chamomile tea or apple cider vinegar, for example. It was definitely helpful, but still not enough.

Am I ready to take the time for myself?

I desided to try henna. Because of my very good first experience with henna I did not have any hesitations not to try it. Ok, I admit, there was only one but quite serious doubt. The time! I knew that henna needs time to dye the hair. My only question was if I’m ready to take so much time for myself and for my hair!?

Despite that fact I was determined to at least try using henna, and give myself a chance to get another experience with natural hair dying.

Call for action!

Right after my decision had been taken I noticed that in my nearby was coming a workshop about henna using. Can you imagine me how I was surprised? Because I had never seen similar workshops before.

Yes, the story has been completely changed since I visited that inspiring and so much helpful workshop!

A real satisfaction that could be seen from the sky above

My hennaed hair has become much stronger in next few months, and got the real natural shine. In a meanwhile I threw away all my chemical hair preparations, and my bathroom got some free space.  Itching scalp disappered after first henna dying, what makes me extra satisfied and determined to insist in my »henna journey«.

My long-time hairdresser couldn’t hide her surprise after seeing me with my new outlook, hennaed hair. She immediately recognized the positive difference in my hair.

I have a long list of benefits using henna. Not only that can condition and strenghten hair. It has also a high level of safety.

Henna as a woman’s real friend

By my opinion, henna is a woman’s real friend at any age. It supports her hair, giving her strenght when she needs it. And emphasizes her beauty. Who would it change?

As per my perspective, it’s not so strange that I like to share my positive henna experiences with other women. Honestly, I usually grab a chance to speak about henna, when I have an opportunity. Even if it’s just a tiny one 😊

My workshop »Henna party« is the best chance to share my enthusiasm to others. If someone becomes inspired to try natural henna dying, then will be a bigger chance that she (or he) will continue to spread enthusiasm on others. And this is henna reaction! The ball has been rolling further. And for centuries!

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