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Natural hair color – Indigo


Indigo is a plant with typical blue pigment (indigotin). It can be used as a natural hair colour to get different brown shades of colour. You can dye hair in combination with henna, cassia, amla and hibiscus in a natural way without using any chemicals.


Indigo can not be used solely, but only as a colorant together with henna and/or cassia to get different brown shades of colours. Indigo should be prepared just before putting it on hair.

Weight: 200 g

Usage instructions for hair dying:

  • You put in a bowl (plastic, ceramic or glass with lid) additional amount of indigo powder and liquid (aqua or tea).
  • Aqua should be warm max 50°C. You mix everything with wooden spoon to get a homogenous paste with density of joghurt.
  • The amount of powders depends on how long your hair are: 60 g of powder for shorter hair (or hair roots), 100-150 g for medium or long hair.
  • Then you put indigo paste to a prepared paste of henna and other powders. You mix everything to get a final mixture and apply it directly on pre washed hair. You leave it on your hair for at least 1 hour, protected with plastic foil or cap. It’s good to have it on your hair for longer time (min 4 hours) for getting better result.
  • If you want black shade of hair, you dye your hair first with henna in a regular way (considering the whole process of hair dying with henna). After that you put indigo paste and leave it on hair for 2 hours.
  • When dying is completed, you wash your hair in a normal way as long as aqua gets clear, using shampoo to wash away all mixture. Then you dry your hair.
  • The colour shade will develop within next 48 hours after applying.
  • Before using henna and other vegetable powders it’s not recommended to use shampoo or conditioner with silicone. They can avoid the natural pigments to penetrate inside of hair.
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