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Workshop: Henna party!

You are invited to join a workshop »Henna party«, where you will get better knowing of natural hair dyeing. Henna is not only for redheads, it can be used in combination with ingido, cassia, amla or hibiscus to get different hair stain.

Where: IZISTEP Natural Living, nám. T.G.Masaryka 588, 760 01 Zlín
When: due to agreement


About Workshop

Hair has a special meaning for women, because healthy and glowing women hair can show their power and femininity.

Workshop »Henna party« is meant to get better understanding of:

  • How to make a mixture of powders?
  • How to use them appropriately for hair dyeing?
  • How can be used for hair treatment or face masks?
  • How to use them for desired hair stain?
  • What quantity of powders is needed to make a mixture?

Entrance fee: free
The number of participants is limited (max 15)


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