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Summer plans and memories

Jul 1, 2020 | Articles

The month that, due to its summer temperatures, calls for rest, relaxation and much more. It invites us to nature, sun exposure and casual reading of books. And it is the month that Julius Caesar crowned with his name. Of course, July!

After last few months of extraordinary circumstances, July is specially tempting for me as it hasn’t been for a long time.

Though, I am not a fan of hot days, but I much prefer the shade that gives me a shelter when I hold a book in hand or watching people passing by.

Since this July will not be dedicated by any travel, I will find occasions at home and in the surrounding places, which I will discover by following my spontaneous inspiration.


I don’t need very much to get my attention, especially when I’m not surrounded by a bunch of people to obscure my gaze, which honestly calls for fresh inspiration.

This time I may have the opportunity to take selfishly enough space and time for myself to see the surroundings in peace, lazily, without rushing, but carefully so that I can conjure up a unique experience 😊

Crowds rarely don’t bother me. Only last year was exceptional on the streets of Avignon. I had never before seen art and culture manage to flood the city to the last corner. Local street musicians, theater actors and singers added an artistic stamp to the city during its festival.


Their creativity squirted instead of fountains, and their artistic stories gave the mood of the visitors with fire and passion.



From everything I saw, I wandered the streets like a drunk and soaked up the unique atmosphere of this city.


This memory of Avignon will warm me extra in July. If I intend to indulge mostly in my spontaneity, I will still do a few things in a planned way that suit summer time.


Relaxation of the body

Since the doors of massage studio have been closed for a long time, I will definitely take advantage of their re-opening and treat myself to massages. I love them, from classic, Thai, with hot stones, to reflexology or a pleasant head massage. Each of them relaxes my body and head.

I will take also time for a self-massage. I like to do a facial massage with IZISTEP face oils right after I make a face mask. In the summer, a cleansing cucumber mask (from home-grown cucumbers, of course) will certainly come next.


Several times a day I will walk barefoot across the lawn and massage my feet.

I will go for regular walks in the nearby forest. I recently found there a spring that offers pure and soft water, what is a real pleasure to drink.


Herbal creation

We are already witnessing the gorgeous blooming of flowers and herbs. I will definitely take a time to pick up few of them and dry for tea. As every year, I will definitely make calendula macerate. For 4 weeks, I will be soaking calendula in olive or jojoba oil. Later I will use it to make some wonderful products that my skin adores: calendula balm, facial cleanser and body oil.

If you find interesting, you can try to make at least one product according to the recipes below. All are for 100 g of an individual product.

Calendula Balm

I upgraded the old calendula balm recipe last year. Now I add CO2 extracts of calendula and chamomile to make the balm more potent and beneficial for the skin.

86 g calendula macerate
13 g beeswax
0,8 g vitamin E
0,1 g CO2 calendula extract
0,1 g CO2 chamomile extract

Facial cleaner

I also plan to use a newly made calendula macerate for a facial cleanser, to which I add also a chamomile. The cleaner is extremely beneficial and effective for removing all impurities (water soluble and oil soluble).

*Water phase
47 g chamomile hydrosol
2 g glycerin
0,5 g cosgard

*Oil phase
49,7 g calendula macerate (or chamomile)
0,2 g essential oils (levandula or roman chamomile)
0,1 g vitamin E

Body oil with calendula

Body oil with calendula macerat will make sure that my skin will be treated gently during dry and hot weather.

35 g calendula macerate
35 g evening primrose oil
26,5 g apricot kernel oil
3 g vitamin E
0,1 g CO2 calendula extract
0,4 g essential oil (levandula)


With any creation, even cosmetics, I take care of relaxing also my spirit. For such relaxation, however, summer is plentiful and worth taking advantage of. In that sense, I want a full, joyful, and fulfilling summer feeling that will take me through the meadows, or streets, clothed with stories, or into reading an inspiring book.

Let your summer be unforgettable, too 😊

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