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Natural hair color – Henna


Henna is just a perfect natural hair colour. It’s a plant from India, which produces a red colorant in leaves, named Lawson. Young henna leaves are manually picked up, dried and 3x melted to the finest powder. The powder can be prepared with water or tea as a mixture of joghurt density.


Henna makes hair with glow and creates durable hair dying, even grey hair. It stimulates hair growth and protects from dandruff.

It can be perfectly used with other vegetable powders (indigo, cassia, amla, hibiscus) to get a desired colour shade of hair:

  • A mixture of henna with cassia and indigo powders gives different brown colour shades.
  • A mixture of henna with amla and indigo powders gives different coffee colour shades.
  • A mixture of henna and hibiscus powders gives wine red colour shade.

Weight: 200 g, 1 kg

Usage instructions for hair dying:

  • You put henna powder in a bowl (plastic, ceramic or glass with lid) and mix it with liquid (aqua or tea).
  • Aqua should be warm max 60°C. You mix everything with wooden spoon to get a homogenous paste with density of joghurt. You apply it on your pre washed hair and leave for at least 1 hour, protected with plastic foil or cap.
  • For a better result or in a case of grey hair: when you prepare henna paste in a bowl, you close the bowl with lid (or plastic foil) and leave it on a room temperature for 24 hours. After that you apply it on your head and leave for at least 4 hours.
  • The amount of powder depends on how long your hair are: 60 g of powder for shorter hair (or hair roots), 100-150 g for medium to long hair.
  • When dying is completed, you wash your hair in a normal way as long as aqua gets clear, using shampoo to wash away all mixture. Then you dry your hair.
  • The colour shade will develop within next 48 hours after applying.
  • Before using any vegetable powders on your hair, it’s not recommended to use shampoo or conditioner with silicone. They can avoid the natural pigments to penetrate inside of your hair.
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