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Allow handmade natural cosmetics IZISTEP to guide you on a journey of discovering your true nature.


Based on a botanical science and experiences, natural cosmetic IZISTEP truely cares to give the best from nature to condition, nourish, moisturize, and hydrate the skin. And finally, it helps to bring the nature not only on your skin, but also into your home.


Making in small batches to assure that each beauty product is made fresh as much as it’s possible.


Parabens, toxic and unhealthy cosmetic ingredients can not be found in my natural cosmetics. The specific scent of any beauty product comes as a final result of vegetable oils or butters combined with natural essential oils.


The handcrafted cosmetic products can visually vary because of manually pouring, mixing or cutting. What make them even more natural.

Small production

Making by hand in a smaller working place allows to create much more personalized products like any machine-made cosmetic in a massive production.
Embrace natural skin care products to make you feel well in your skin at any time of the day.

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About Izistep

My name is Simona Pekolj

and I was enchanted by the scent of essential oils on my way to a sustainable way of life. Because I enjoy experimenting and creating, I not only started using natural cosmetics but also started making them. And when I recently moved from my native Slovenia to the Czech Republic, I brought my IZISTEP brand with me.