Workshop: Natural way of living

Natural lifestyle is a simple, healthy and green perspective. It opens wide to everything that makes it alive and gives a lasting balance. With an empathy for life, it strives to improve the quality of life in his home, surroundings and nature. Because it simply does care.

Where: IZISTEP Natural Living, nám. T.G.Masaryka 588, 760 01 Zlín
When: 20.01.2023 (18:00 – 20:00)



About Workshop

If you don’t know yet what exactly a natural lifestyle would mean, here’s something to think about. 

We all have values that we live more or less accordingly. Do you agree? Values quietly guide us in our choices and decisions. Because of them we are also ready to give something up.

Do you find on your list of values some of them, like balance, compassion, authenticity, creativity, responsibility, empathy, gratitude? I believe you do.

Why is this important? In fact, it is easier to develop new habits if they are in line with our values. On the contrary, their success might be questionable.

If we want to transform new habits into a natural lifestyle, it is first and foremost about their harmony with our values. If you recognize it, your next step is certainly easier.

With new habits, we gradually transform our home into less toxics and useless things. There is less and less harmful chemistry and refined stuff in the home. Sooner or later we start to smell a fresh scent in our home!

We become a different customer with new consuming habits and locations.

We are looking for permanent solutions in relation to nature. Plastic is not one of them, it’s rather a serious problem.

Home changes gradually bring changes in the attitude towards ourselves and others. One change makes another. Because everything is connected.

The order of changes does not have to be the same. They can happen inversely. After internal change, a home change might not be a surprise anymore. This is sooooo possible!

You prefer a slower life. Yesterday you might have been rushing around, racing for commitments and exhaustion. Today, you prefer to structure your time differently and give priority to proceed without hurry and stress.

We become more tolerant to ourselves and others.

In harmony with nature, we consciously consider what is good for nature. Because if it’s good for her, it’s definitely for us.

But it is not true that if something is good for me, it is also for you. There are no instructions, just ideas and directions. 

We do not evaluate, compete or compare. We prefer to work together and connect.

In our rhythm, we create a better tomorrow for ourselves and our descendants. In a different but much more heartfelt approach.

But let’s not forget the joy. The steps should be easy and natural. This is not a serious task. It is only a process to natural balance, inside and outside us.

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