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Beauty everywhere around us

May 1, 2020 | Articles

In his exploration, the beauty seeker does not miss the beautiful face, nor the artistic image or facade of the old walls of famous historic buildings. Each culture reveals to it its own beauty, which dates back to the ancient past, and is preserved to this day, so that even the passing tourist eye can see it.


 Beauty in Art

Beauty of all kinds is also charmingly revealed to us in art. It could be even architecture. I love all the old walls that hide the beauty and secret of the past. They capture the stories of former owners, their experiences and lifestyles. It could be old farmhouses, typical and diverse for additional regions and climates. Or townhouses with prominent facades and arches that showed their significant importance in those days. Even the monuments of former rulers and priests, such as mansions, castles or cathedrals, today express not only their power at the time, but also the beauty and durability of the art that was custom-made in such creations.

I also love the beauty of literature and the written word that seeks out the power of words to describe life and its peculiarities. It shows the art of words expressiveness and is at the same time food for the soul of every reader. The same applies to the art of music or dance. All of this wonderfully translates a kind of beauty to one who witnesses it.


Beauty in Nature

The month of May reveals to us every year the spectacle of a blooming flowering of nature that cannot be overlooked. If our eyes miss flowering magnolia in a nearby garden, the scent of flowers comes directly under our noses and sweetly reminds us of itself. It all reminds us of the excess and exuberance of nature, which awakens our inner spring to push us into a creative drive. That’s real beauty, isn’t it?

What is this beauty, where does it come from, what makes it so special? What is in it that feeds us? Is it its sensuality, aesthetics or art? What has a muse to dazzle and inspire many poets for their greatest artistic creations? What about the sensuality of female beauty, often sung and portrayed in many paintings?


 Female Beauty

In female beauty, it is noticed that it has changed over time. In the past, feminine curves were more attractive, today only thin, firm female bodies. For many women, following the beauty ideals is full of frustration and dissatisfaction with their bodies. Because women get the most compliments based on their physical beauty. On the basis of their appearance, women are judged from others and even from themselves.

Following the external ideals of beauty in anything is not a grateful work. Therefore, you need others to give you confirmation that the ideal is being achieved or not. In my view, this has nothing to do with beauty, which in itself does not need it.


Authentic Beauty

I recognize beauty when it fills my mind. It inspires and surprises me at the same time. It is special, different, real and balanced. Just one and the other. The combinations it carries within are endless, but each time they prove simple in their complexity. Even though I’m not quite aware of them.

I am not a philosopher of aesthetics, but I try to maintain in myself a sufficient degree of sophisticated seeker of beauty. You can hear that beauty is only in the eye of the beholder. I can agree with that. But in doing so, it is necessary to distinguish between beauty ideals that come from the outside and beauty in itself, which does not need an intermediary to tell someone what is beautiful and what is not.

Recognizing a beauty is not reserved only for May, when everything is so obvious and at your fingertips. Even the beauty of mighty architecture of the mansions or the most beautifully decorated garden is not necessary to admire. Sometimes, just careful observation is enough to reveal the beauty of the moment through the fine detail.


 Beauty can be even felt

I can find a beauty everywhere. I don’t have to go very far. Any garden or walk in nature offers the opportunity to learn about the beauty of nature, green, baroque flowering and alluring scent.

I also find it in a sincere smile or word.

Or in a spontaneous facial expression that shows its naturalness in all the emotions and thoughts she carries with her.

I find the beauty in company of ants rushing to finish their job.

I find it in a sensitive flower that nods with its colourful head in a light breeze.

Or in hands that skillfully sew, sculpt, design or cook.

I find the beauty in the bird singing that wakes me up in the morning.

Or in the height of tall old trees that make a shadow for me.

I find it whenever authenticity, simplicity, naturalness and truth merge. Wherever it is, the magic of beauty is created what actually touches and changes me. And for that, it is enough for me to experience beauty in original and experienced way without blind tracing, which represses and affects spontaneous feelings.



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