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Jun 10, 2021 | Articles

I love the customs and rituals of our ancestors, which among other things show how closely they were once connected with nature. Through various rituals they worshipped the sun, water, trees, fire or individual seasons to strengthen their bonds and express respect for the primary, vital and healing power of nature.


Customs then and now

 When I was younger, we couldn’t wait until June 21st (summer solstice) to prepare everything we needed for one of the few customs I witnessed (except of course the life rituals at birth, marriage or death). This is the bonfire that happened that night. On the surrounding hill we prepared a fireplace where we carried old and discarded branches, so that we could burn them in the evening. At the fire we cheered and had a good time. All the preparations, the organization and the social gathering united us that day, and through the fire we felt a special magical power, which can only be conjured up by fire in such a typical way.

Namely at the summer solstice, our ancestors burnt bonfires, because they believed that helps the sun to maintain and multiply its power. The bonfires were burnt on the tops of the hills as close to the sky as possible, then they sang and danced around the fire, jumped over or through the fire and walked on the embers.

Fire has always attracted people. They warmed theirselves beside it, prepared food or protected themself from wild animals. Even today we like to invite the fire into our homes, because with its glow we conjure up the warmth of home, a feeling of comfort or express the special ceremony of an event. We decorate birthday cakes and the house with candles, light a fire in the fireplace or just small tea lights in vaporizers to smell the adorable essential oils in the room.


The power of fire

Fire has a special power, which manifests itself in its liveliness, energy and mutability, because it brings light even into the densest darkness, transforms cold into heat and wood into ashes.

I experienced its power of spiritual transformation years ago, when I took part in a walk on the embers several times. It was an unforgettable (completely painless and not burning) experience to open fire. Under professional and entertaining guidance, everyone in the group walked safely over the embers and overcame their fear of fire.

When we overcome (any) of our fears, we always open ourselves to something new.

I remember how much fun it was to prepare us to the walk over the embers. Through play and laughter we relaxed completely at the fire and forgot our fears. When the moment came for us to walk over the embers, the fear came back, but the first contact with the embers burned it out. Even more than the walking, it was a great feeling that we had all been successful.

The feet remained completely intact and flawless. Only the extraordinary warmth in them reminded me of this event for several more days. There was a special warmth that was carried up my legs and it seemed as if the fire in me was still glowing. A pleasant feeling of connection with the fire remained.


Lighting of a fire 

In addition, the summer solstice brings with it a certain magic. William Shakespeare noticed this when he wrote one of his most famous comedies – Midsummer Night’s Dream, according to which several films were made. Coincidentally, I recently watched the one from 1999, and the magical atmosphere of the warm June evening, when invisible fairy-tale creatures began to complicate the lives of lovers with vigor, perhaps appealed to me more than the plot itself.

With the summer solstice, not only fire, but also that special magic and secret are connected for me as well. I would like each of us to be able to indulge in the magical power in the shadow of the summer solstice and start creating something new – whether it is a song, a rhyme, a dessert, a painted stone or a new approach to relationships at work or at home.

Just try it.

Let your inner fire ignite and guide you. This is the only way you develop, you only grow and your creativity grows with you.

So let June of this year be fiery and magical for you – let the sun and the campfire burn, but above all your inner strength. Brighter than fire in the dark.

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