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Getting in touch with rosehips

Jan 25, 2019 | Articles

Rosehips are well known red berries growing on bushes full of small thorns  and more likely on egdes of forest or meadow. They grow in most countries and can be sometimes easily missed.  Let’s get in touch with rosehips just to remember what offer us.

I think it’s almost impossible that someone hasn’t tried rosehip tea yet. It definitely remembers me on my younger ages when my mother prepared it for me everytime, when I had cold or flu.

Rosehips with vitamin C and antioxidants

It’s well known that rosehip tea has many benefits that can help protect you from disease. It’s rich in vitamin C and antioxidants. Rosehip tea is a must have in a case of having cold, flu or low immune system. It is also good for protecting the skin, easing chronic pain, and optimizing the digestive system.

There is a long list of all beneficial properties of rosehip tea. But it can help you even when you just need to warm yourself and feeling more cosy and calm.

Do you like herbal tea? Which one is the best for you? Do you like more herbal or fruity taste? Which one you drink for boosting immune system?

Drinking a (rosehip) tea is also getting in touch with nature

Preparing a cup of tea is my daily ritual. It requires special preparation of additional herbal tea. Furthermore a cup of tea gives me an opportunity to recognize its special taste, smell or color. Almost all senses are certainly becoming busy when observing and tasting a cup of tea.

You shoud try it too.

Rosehip tea is one of my best one. I like its unique sour taste, fruity smell and red orange color. I usually don’t sweeten rosehip tea, because I prefere its sour taste. If I don’t cover the original taste, it’s easier to recognize its authenticity.

The skin regeneration with using rosehip oil

If you go walking in that winter time, you can notice on some edges rosehip’s bushes still full of berries. Rosehips struggle bravely against the coldness or snow. I’ve heard they become even more potent in a harder weather condition.

Maybe for all the reasons I mentioned rosehip as an oil is a special beauty product that everyone should use it for maintaing healthy skin. Vegetable oil made from rosehips is a very potent oil for every skin type.

It’s true that rosehip’s typical vitamin C is not soluble in oil. But rosehip oil is still a unique vegetable oil while having a form of vitamin A (tretinoin) besides special essential fatty acid (omega 3 and 6 – vitamin F). That’s why it helps to repair damaged skin and scars, alleviate acne, and reduce wrinkles.

By my experiences I can say it’s just fantastic. It’s one of the best anti-aging oils and helps to smooth wrinkles, soften and hydrate the skin, alleviating the immediate signs of aging. Suitable for oily, dry or even mature skin.

I’ve included rosehip oil in my natural cosmetic with no hesitation. I tested its benefits on my skin and got a notable differences before-after using it.

The goodness of nature

I believe that nature can give us a lot of goodnesses from its meadows, trees or bushes. Many of them for our better inner or outer condition.

We need to follow the nature to find ingredients that can improve our health or skin conditions. Being connected with naturewith all respect.

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