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My story with natural cosmetics

Sep 17, 2018 | Articles

First experiences

My story started five years ago when I visited a workshop in Ljubljana (Slovenia) for making natural creams. I have to be honest and admit you I did not expect much of it. In that time I didn’t know anyone who would make or use homemade natural cosmetic. I also didn’t have any expert cosmetic knowledge. So it was completely new for me.

The scent!

I still do not know what impressed me the most, the natural scent of essential oils or the scent of butters and vegetable oils. But for sure it was the scent! It was that amazing natural smell when we were making creams and lotions in workshop. I was overwhelmed and thrilled. That’s why it was quite logical for me to make a next step and visited aromatherapy workshop to get more familiar with essential oils. And it was a really good decision for me.


Can you remember the feeling when you take any kind of experiment? There is always some mix of curiosity, excitement and uncertainty what will happen, right? I started to experiment with essential oils and create different beauty products with the same mix of feelings. It was a big fun and a challenge at the same time. In the following years I made many face creams, body lotions, body butters, soaps etc. I tested different ingredients and their combinations. At the end I’ve come to appreciate more simple ingredients. Less is more.

Changing my home

In the past years my kitchen has become more similar to cosmetic studio and got a notable scent of natural creams with essential oils. Not only kitchen but even bathroom has changed a lot in these years. Step by step I have replaced most of commercial cosmetics with my own ones. If I look back, I can see I was not quite aware of my deeper intentions, everything was changing slowly but firmly and naturally. Suddenly I have realised that commercial cosmetics have been totally out of my program. My new natural path has become the only option for me.

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