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Natural (healthier) way of living – part 1

Mar 12, 2019 | Articles

Natural way of living is a simple living. It’s sustainable and minimalistic at the same time. It takes care of nature, ourselves and each other. It takes care with responsibilities. Roussseau would say ‘back to nature’, for instance.

The simple living does not always mean it has no challenges for us. Especially if we are occupied with daily tasks or somehow misled with our old habits. Plus being crowded with all technology.

During last years I’ve been changing my way of living toward more natural way. My progress has been developing slowly, but firmly. Sometimes not fully awared of my way untill I recognized it has been changed.

Yes, it can be done! It wasn’t an overnight process, and it wasn’t always easy, but I’ve learned to follow myself and values. We all have values, but do we know how to actually live them?

I remember that in my case it has somehow started with natural cosmetic. Most of all it was taking care of myself in a natural way and avoiding toxic ingredients as much as I could.

For example, toxic cosmetic (mineral oils, peg compounds, formaldehyde, parabens etc), toxic fast food, cleaners, fast designed clothes. Above all, toxic relationships, including our behaviours.

Firstly, slowly and firmly moving is a good way of stepping toward any goal. If this goal is a natural (happier) life, then you can read some of my points, which I’ve recognized as the most important in my recent years.

Secondly, walking as talking.

You’ve already heard it, right? Oooh, this is also one part that challenges us. If you start to walk as you talk, then your life vision can become different, don’t be surprised.

The list of my points is not official  in anykind. Each point is only one single stone in mosaic. Let’s take a look, what that list is about:

  1. Buying local and quality food
  2. Not buying waste
  3. Plastic free
  5. Slow fashion
  6. Simplify your cleaning routine
  7. Connecting with nature
  8. Taking care of our health
  9. Slowing down and creating natural rhythms instead of rooted routine
  10. Find the best friend in you

I believe this list is not complete. It’s just my list or my compass. You can make a different one. Or you can only think about, how would look like your own one 😊

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