New Year with New Face

Nov 28, 2019 | Articles

When the last year begins to turn last leaf (read month), my inner compass always becomes specially alive. That’s when I start doing some kind of revision of past events, the relationships I’m in, the (un) attained goals and desires. I wonder where I am at the moment and where I want to »travel« next year.

Some people prefer to do this on their birthday. It depends on what constitutes a bigger milestone for you. Both can be a simple transition to the new. Transitions, however, carry the potential for transformation. If I support them with my intimate rituals, this transition is special and meaningful to me.

At the end of this year I’ve prepared a longer text than usually. I think it’s right and appropriate time for longer one! Thank you for your patience 😊

A festive ceremony of writing wishes and goals

So, let’s go back to revision. Actually, it is not a dull job at all. I keep writing my thoughts so that I do not lose my insights and thoughts. This helps me clear my thoughts and understand my feelings more clearly. Feelings, whether pleasant or unpleasant, have helped me most in thinking that way because they illuminate what I like in my life and what I don’t. From here on, I’m slowly creating a thought after thought that at the end a new goal is emerging from that.

A revision is actually my ceremony. I love rituals and ceremonies. Do you have any special ritual of your own?

Festive or everyday rituals, no matter, they are all fantastic! They hide their antiquity, symbolism, full of wisdom, always accompanied by glorification of life, homage to oneself and fellow human beings.

The power of desires for new experiences and new insights

I deeply believe that desires and goals are our source of strength that drives us, giving us elan for new experiences, new opportunities, new people. That’s why it’s important for me to recognize and hear them.

The desire is really hard to escape if we are truely honest with ourselves and with at least a touch of childish playfulness. Desires can be completely thoughtful, mature and experienced. But they can be simple, full of dreams and joyful optimism.

Time to time I can meet also my own doubts and fears. Especially when I dare and want more! But it is this “more” that is my creativity that can transform the impossible into the possible.

The rising of desires usually makes me dizzy by jumping and expressing their recognition. In doing so, I do not restrict them when they reveal themselves to me through ideas, thoughts, or feelings. I gently and curiously let them evolve, shape and express themselves.

It is a challenge for me to hear and recognize as many of them as possible. Because some desires are extremely loud and clear, others are often less obvious and noticeable. They can stand in a corner for many years, waiting for a moment to be noticed. Because they do not dare or do not want to be intrusive, onstage or competitive. They just need more of my attention and sensitivity to sense and perceive them.

My new goal is to have a new face

It sounds provocative, doesn’t it? Let’s see what actually means.

My goals always pull me forward by training my spirit as I learn, fall, grow, cry, or splurge, or simply enjoy the journey to the finish. It is important for me to get to know myself and to discover new horizons that are clearly clarifying on the way to my destination.

One of the new targets for 2020, however, is one that is special to me. New face! I don’t mean beauty surgery. Also, not a new face cream or any other beauty product 😊

You know, we often share wishes for the New Year that, in addition to love and happiness, are also associated with health or appearance. You probably know the old mantras, like losing weight, incorporating more sports into your daily routine, becoming more vital. Or become more youthful in appearance.

The truth is that every New Year we chronologically age. Every year I get older, not only years, but my body shows me whether I want to or not. The wrinkles and strokes on my face tell me a lot. At one time it is joy and ease, at other times it is exhaustion or worry. Once, the tiredness did not appear on my face, but today I simply have to admit that my face can consistently show my current well-being.

Am I afraid of wrinkles? Now that there are not so many, I can honestly say not at all. Being honest with myself means that as I have more of them year after year, I may say differently. Yes, they are not only laughing or character wrinkles, they are also age wrinkles.

What about getting older? It is merely a comparison with youth. If you are no longer young, then you are indisputably old. Well, this will be something I want to change for myself for the new year. Understanding and accepting it.

I don’t want a wrinkle-free face. I want a new face that will be neither young nor old. Will be mine with new, different outlines. I want to observe, discover, respect and accept my changes. New experiences, new expression on face. Discovering something new on my face or body is a reflection of my acquired experiences, lessons, opportunities, encounters, spoken or unspoken words, expressed or repressed feelings.

Conscious change makes us better, something new and interesting changes in us. The encounter of our own beauty and attractiveness connects us with our inner world and enriches us, which also returns with a noticeably wide smile on our face.

In other words, for the new year, I simply wish to discover new things on my face. All this observation of myself and my new world should bring me strength and joy, inspiration, clarity of plans and new faith in myself.

These is my goal. Which are yours? Already have them? Take your time for yourself and write them down.

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