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Simplicity and naturalness through natural skin

Feb 5, 2019 | Articles

I learnt to increase the awareness of simplicity and naturalness. Firstly, I realised that developing the inner naturalness means being in tune with inner needs and feelings. Secondly, I realised it’s important not to forget to follow them. This could be sometimes a bigger challange.

Follow the naturalness

Nowadays bio/organic food is commonly accepted as something good for our health. But despite that it’s not neccessary to follow this awareness and to behave accordingly.

Maybe because of fast living. Or higher prices and inaccessability of organic products. Even existing purchising habits can mislead us. Finally, it might be just a simple lost of connection to a natural world.

Slow down to feel a natural world

The lost of connection to the natural world is unfortunately a great possible option and quite realistic consequence. A remarkable distance to nature could happen slowly with no real intention.

On the other hand, looking for naturalness is a simple task. Why is that? The nature is actually waiting for our attention. Patiently waiting only to slow down our modern living-style. We can feel and catch the naturalness much easier, when we stop our daily routine and mostly our minds.

Connect with inner world

We can connect with natural world with slow observing and feeling the greatness of nature. For example, its natural colours, endless natural forms and sounds of birds’ orchestra. Or wind waving around the trees and houses.

Even more, when we know how to listen and feel  the nature, we can follow in the same manner to our inner world. Observing, feeling, listning inner colorful range of thoughts and emotions.  In other words, a connection to our inner life and feelings is tightly related with connection with nature.

Connect with naturalness and simplicity through natural skincare

The natural world humbly offers its simplicity. We respond to this world in a natural manner. It means that human body accepts it openly and with notable affection. Therefore, the body feels it as its fulfillment and revitalization.

I strongly believe that our skin feels in the same way. I can honestly conclude that natural skincare is more likely our connection with nature.

As a result, our skin accepts natural cosmetics in revitalizing and regenerating way. What we actually recognize as skin’s natural glow and refreshment 🙂

It’s much better to try it, not only believing what’s been written ♥

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