Switching to natural skincare products can be a positive surprise

Jan 10, 2019 | Articles

A greener skincare approach has become during the past years a noticeable trend or movement of increasing natural skincare products in every single market on the planet. Number of people switching to natural beauty routine have noticed a remarkable positive experience on their skin. What make them convinced to continue with natural beauty movement.

Is this movement related only to their beliefs that natural is somehow better? Are they conceited buying and using natural cosmetics just to follow trend of natural beauty?

I don’t think so. I think no matter what we believe or think, our skin shows us sooner or later what it really likes.

Skin with feelings

Natural cosmetics are partly or completely made from natural ingredients. These ingredients have grown in nature, on the fields or meadows, in seas or forests.

Putting them directly on skin can boost a reaction. Even immediate one. It can be recognized just a comfortable skin feeling, something like nourishing, soothing, glowing, refreshing, calming or renewing. Coming inside out. All feeelings I mentioned are absolutely pleasant not only for the skin, but also for the inner satisfaction. And skin can express these feelings in its own way. But always with gratitude.

Skin has its memories collecting them during the life. Bad ones and good ones. Despite that fact it’s just amazing how we can immediately recognize when skin feels better when absorbing natural ingredients. Just a feeling, even though we can not see it clearly on the skin at the same time.

The question is: do we know how to follow our feelings in general?

Skin needs time

Natural green skincare is a process when skin needs time to eventually show us a final result. Respecting that time means being aware of difference between a sense of spending time in the nature or in our office full of daily tasks and rushes, where we usually expect a prompt reactions.

If you decide to go green, be aware of that time your skin needs. But most of all give time to yourself to get an experience, even the tiny one. Start with one natural product, which you find interesting for yourself. Try to feel a difference. Be focused on feelings.

Don’t be surprised that you might not be able to use a commercial beauty product anymore, like you used to. Considering my experiences when people start to follow the green, they stay green.

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