When Autumn magic starts

Oct 5, 2019 | Articles

Bye, bye summer time

I feel like summer is really far away, but at the same time I have really good memories from summer that can offer me enough warmth in colder days. Hectic summer time has given a place to more peaceful autumn’s athmosfere.

Autumn is here with no doubt. Trees has started to prepare for a winter. The fall colours have developed and created wonderful landscape. That’s why I enjoy the fall period so much. Who can miss in our surroundings different shades of yellow, red, magenta, brown and orange colours!

A magical autumn’s landscape

I certainly don’t wonder that autumn tourism actually exists when people take excursions to nature to visit areas with fall colours and have opportunity to take some photos. It’s very popular in United States and Canada, known as »leaf peeping«, and in Japan »Momijigari«.

I’m a true lover of natural colours, and autumn gives me a chance to have a special »bath« in outside colours. Each walking in nature offers me a special experience of observing nature in its wonderful colours.

Following nature’s impulses

When seasons are changed, I usually adopt some of my daily activities which are good for particular season. Autumn is one of them and needs special behaviour. Why? Temperatures gradually decrease and days become shorter.

Following the nature means following nature’s impulses appropriately.

There are three main things I pay a lot of my attention. What remindes me that changes are contant in our lives.

1. End of growing time, enjoying harvesting

After harvesting time we can enjoy a lot of different food in autumn. Eating seasonal and buying locally growth food is my one of my biggest focus. Yeeees, apples, grapes, pears, then turnips, beans, potatoes, pumpkins, rosehip tea, nettle tea, etc. Tasty, sweet and njamiii 😊

2. Dressing in layers

Instinctly we change our clothes first. I like to wear warm clothes and try to avoid feeling cold even in autumn. Nothing is left by chance. I cover my skin from head to toe. I find most practically to dress in layers that I can successfully combine inside and outside temperatures. The most practical peace for me is definitely cardigan.

3. Special face care

As days become colder, my skin definitely needs different treatment. My face skin doesn’t need much during the summer, light face cream and face mist are just enough. But the autumn is much more demanding for my face skin. Not only dressing, also face treatment can be done in layers. After face cleaning I use face mist or floral water, and then apply a richer face cream. After skin absorbs both, I put the third layer for better skin protection. It’s face oil that helps to protect skin in colder or windy days.

Why? The moisture from the skin evaporates quickly in the cold and windy autumn months. At the same time the skin is producing less natural oil as well. In this case we need to use a thicker, heavier moisturizer than we do in warmer seasons.

How do you follow autumn? Which changes are yours?

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