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Woman with true feelings

Mar 8, 2020 | Articles

Each year comes a special day, which I look forward to in advance. Even before it happens. Its importance seems to begin to accumulate and concentrate before that day. There are many images and words that are specially created with the purpose to evoke its power and meaning. But at the same time, this is the day when women are at least symbolically connected to each other.

Of course, I’m talking about March 8, the International Women’s Day, put on the map by women.

Those who knew, understood and acted.

Thanks to their clear vision and determination, we are today some (more or less) equal in society, something that was once only quietly dreamed of.


It was once celebrated

I remember the times of my mother when big celebrations were organized in honor of Women’s day. It was really impressive to follow such events, though only as a small witness at that time. I sensed that day was really important despite not knowing all the facts. Because of this, I often couldn’t wait to grow up quickly and earn a ticket to an event like this.

I can instantly recall the memories of my feelings at the time when my mother was going to the celebration on Women’s Day. My mom looked even nicer and more special!

Not only that. There was even a special spirit that I understood better later when it was gone.


The truth is, while I finally grew up, there were no similar celebrations any more. All that remains as a memory from ancient times.

But I still remember those days of the year when teachers were softer and moms more radiant. When the streets were full of flowers that smelled like a real spring awaken. When the gift was demanded, what has been nowadays expected only for Christmas.

Above all, women were collectively noticed and worth celebrating at least on this day.


A slow restoring of true connection

Today, women feel more rights in society, which at the same time are easily taken as a solid guarantee of a secure future. That they simply cannot be lost. Even when we are already witnessing the denial of these same rights in some modern societies.

I deeply connect the strength of women’s rights with the collective expectations to women.

Every social role of a woman, since being a student, later a co-worker, mother, wife or grandmother, brings her a relatively good amount of open and latent collective expectations. Clearly, from both sides, by men and women.



From stereotypical expectations, like being kind and helpful or obedient wife or mother who is always 100% available to everyone.

When the expectations of others become more important than one’s own feelings, one day the connection with the feeling of one’s own body is broken. Even when the following of others feelings smoothly runs on.

However, the ability to hear ourselves can be restored at any time.


A Reconnection for superb tomorrow

I can see Women’s Day as a tremendous motivation, courage and compass for all women to add the acquired social, economic and political rights as an oak irresistible ability to continue to count for ourselves!


When we count for ourselves, it means that we rely on our feelings.

This is only possible when we truly hear our body what it tells us. When its frequent tension does not remain overlooked and ignored.

When we find enough time and attention for it. When attention to the body becomes attention to one’s own feelings. Last but not least, we act accordingly.

The moments we take for ourselves should be full of attention for ourselves. The body wants to be felt more than anything else.

Everyday attention enhances not only the body but also the spirit. Sometimes only 15 minutes a day, other times maybe twice more.

Let’s turn our daily attention into rituals, ceremonies and start to enjoy them. Let’s do it passionately or calmly. Creative, thoughtfully or dreamy. Just to follow our rhythm and mood.


Like enjoying an herbal bath, a relaxing massage, a nourishing natural cosmetic, refreshing skin care or just a long walk on the nearest lawn.

Only every attentions to ourselves repay us with the strength and the clarity that we can not be lost. That we are able to protect ourselves and follow the path we want.

Through a close connection with our own feelings, we recognize, encourage, strengthen and spread, but first and foremost ourself.

All this to make us even stronger for tomorrow!

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